Thursday, 2 March 2017

Aegis Crypter 2017

Aegis Crypter 2017 (2017/4/30)

best crypter and free

  • Development based on c/c++,no dependent on .NET Framework.
  • Support windows system 2000,xp,2003,vista,win7,win8,win10.
  • Support crypt native and .net exe files. 
  • Compatible with most exe files, please encrypt and test before using.

From now on, the private version is free for a year,download crypter and register (click here),sign in your account in crypter ,will auto update private stub 

PS: bypass gmail

Gmail now check zip, rar, 7z ,etc files, if the file contains the EXE file, Gmail will not allow you to send attachments

The solution
1,First set show file extensions in your windows
2.By WinRAR package your files to .rar
3.Change your file extension to ..z (example name.rar-->name..z)
4.since ..z file also can open by winrar/7zip/etc open
exe-->rar-->..z (need more than two .)