Saturday, 16 March 2013

Aegis Crypter 2.0

Aegis Crypter 2.0 FUD Bypass all antivirus solutions
Support most of the malicous software(RAT & Keyloggers & Stealers & Downloader & Binder & Botnets) and general software lower false alarm rate.

Stub update : 2013/3/15

FUD [0/35]

Aegis Crypter use of C++ and SDK coding, do not need to rely on.NET framework, they are able to work in win2000, xp win2003. . .almost all windows platforms.
And so coded it is very difficult,It takes a lot of time.

Because a large number of users of the public version, about thousands of people use it, leading to easy antivirus software detection, so we released a private version, after the public version will coexist and private, you can still use the public version, if you like a private version, you can buy it.


Later prohibited scanned in virustotal

We will be randomly selected from a reply user, donated a month's private version.

Buy private version

20$ / month
110$ / 6 month
200$ / year

First of all, you need to register in
Then pay to buy it.
Finally Aegis Crypter login.

If you want to help us sell it, you can join our sales team or sales agent.


  1. looks very nice - however, antivir (and only that!) detects TR/Dropper.Gen.

    very good!

  2. how can I become your sales agent? I can help you sale it in Russia. Please, send me answer to

  3. The detection rate seems to be rising...

    PS: I don't mind helping with sales.